Nicole Bifano | Director of Information Technology West Suburban YMCA

The West Suburban YMCA has been working with MIS Alliance for almost a decade. Our Y operations run morning, noon and night, seven days a week, and issues and problems can arise on any day and at any time. MIS has always been available to help us.

We rely on MIS Alliance, on every level for our IT service needs. From top level technology planning, to the desktop support level, and everything in between, MIS has been there to help support us, making sure our YMCA is functioning at its best.

MIS Alliance engineers are friendly, knowledgeable, and reliable. They always speak with our user’s technical knowledge level in mind, so that they can understand and benefit from their conversation. They often go above and beyond what is expected of them, working nights and weekends to solve problems for us.

We are very happy having MIS Alliance as our IT partner and enjoy working with all members of their organization.

Maureen Reddington | Controller of Muzi Motors

With the growth of our operation and many technology advancements in our industry, It had been quite a challenge to find a reliable, responsive and knowledgeable IT service provider to help us with our technology needs.

After hiring and replacing a few IT services providers in the past few years, we finally came across MIS Alliance in 2014. I must say that our experiences with our previous IT companies in comparison with our relationship and experiences with MIS Alliance, gives us a clear perspective and understanding of IT companies differences.

Significant improvements in our IT infrastructure recommended and implemented by MIS Alliance has made a big difference in our ability to do our work more efficiently and their fast response to our service needs takes the worry out of IT related matters. Our management team as well as our entire staff appreciates the professionalism and friendliness exhibited by the technical staff and everyone else at MIS Alliance. We very much value MIS Alliance’s support and partnership with our organization.

Dave Covino | Controller of J.F. White Properties

MIS Alliance has been providing IT service to our company since 2002. We discovered them first when they leased office space in our building. As a property management company, we needed an IT organization to support our specific business applications. MIS Alliance has been helping us with these applications, including working with our software vendors to support our needs effectively.

Our network down time during this time has been nearzero and their prompt response to our support needs has enabled us to use our time efficiently and never wait for our computer system to do our work.

We are very happy with their services, pricing and have been enjoying working with their team all these years.

Mark Harrington Jr. | President of Healthworks Fitness for Women

Since 2012, MIS Alliance has been providing IT services to our organization. Our multi-location operation has over 300 employees working in multiple shifts, from 6:30 AM to 11:00 PM, seven days a week.MIS Alliance’s timely response to our service requests is a major factor in our staff’s satisfaction, productivity and efficiency.

We have many business specific applications and requirements in our operation. In working with our vendors and coordinating their upgrades or new deployments, maintaining our PCI compliance requirements, MIS Alliance has been instrumental in successful launch, training and support of these applications.

MIS Alliance also works with us at a CIO level, helping us to plan our projects and business expansions for each year and assist us with our IT budget and based on our business needs and requirements.

David Jacobs | Director of Finance & Administration Boston Chinatown Neighbor Center, Inc.

Working with MIS Alliance has given us higher confidence in our IT infrastructure. As a non-for-profit organization, we are always challenged with financial resources and availability of funds and grants for our projects.MIS Alliance is conscious of this fact and advises us of our IT priorities based on our budget.

With our three locations in greater Boston area, and over 150 employees, MIS Alliance has been very responsive to our service requests. With the implementation of a few projects such as Wi-Fi, inter-building connectivity, card reader security system, backup, remote monitoring and others, we are in much better shape than before. We still have a few projects that are planned for the near future.

We certainly recommend MIS Alliance and an affordable and knowledgeable IT service provider to others.

Bob Fields | President of CommCreative

We are a unified marketing firm providing a full range of marketing services to our clients across the country and are responsible for time sensitive marking campaigns and their on time executions. Our dual IT platform infrastructure (Macs and PCs) plus many software applications are the main tools for everyone in our organization. Any downtime or interruption in our IT functionality can cause a chain reaction of missing our deadlines, client dissatisfaction as well as financial losses.

MIS Alliance has been monitoring, managing and maintaining our network infrastructure. Based on our long term relationship with MIS Alliance and their track record including their proactive approach in implementing new technologies, we have full confidence that our IT environment will remain healthy and our operation is in line with the latest technologies for our industry.



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